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Roy and Jason_Digging at the Mills 1995.



To be frank is to be honest. For over a century, building fairly is just what we've done. Understanding yourself helps you understand your clients. Knowing who you are not is equally important. Frank Rewold & Sons is not the biggest contractor. But, for the right job and client, we are the right contractor!


Widow of John Francis Dodge, of Dodge Motor Car Company, Matilda Dodge Wilson co-founded Oakland University on her 1,400-acre estate, Meadow Brook Farms. This is where she hired established carpenter Frank Rewold as her personal handyman. Decades of building, fixing, and problem solving pass as Frank Rewold teaches his young apprentice and son, Roy Rewold, tools of the trade. Roy later completed the construction of Sunset Terrace, a retirement home and guesthouse for Matilda. 


Today, after a century since inception, Frank Rewold & Sons still regularly performs construction services for the university and other surrounding colleges, communities, businesses, and organizations throughout Michigan.


From the beginning, Frank Rewold’s carpentry and relationship skills conveyed facets of his future company’s distinct character. Since 1918, we have retained a people-focused, honest outlook that seems to escape larger construction companies today. To be sure, FRS constructs multi-million dollars of construction annually, but is by no means the largest contractor. Our projects express their own candidness and character -- these qualities are what make us Rewold.

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What we do is take our relationships seriously. FRS is only as good as our last project. Therefore, we manage construction efficiently, utilize our expertise in cost-effective estimating and value engineering, and leverage strong relationships with top subcontractors. Rewold collaborates closely with our architectural/engineering partners to create a building that will be valued by the owner. The company sets the industry pace in developing new ideas and methods that drives quality, safety, and sustainability. What we do is build for you.


In an industry that is in constant flux, Frank Rewold & Sons is committed to simple core values of honesty, hard work, and integrity. Paired with building quality, being fiscally responsible, and unparalleled customer service, these attributes continue to be the driving force behind our mission. We are thriving and adapting to an ever-changing Michigan economic climate by remaining committed to high standards of craftsmanship. Because of our effectiveness in managing projects and business efficiently, we can innovate and integrate quickly. We take pride in being quickly responsive, tackling difficult projects, building safely, and cultivating clients into believers of the Rewold way. Why Rewold? Because we care and are there for our customers always.



We build communities, relationships, and structures that last a lifetime. Some appreciate a local, capable contractor who builds Michigan only!  Others appreciate a mid-sized company skilled to build large! Moreover, many still like dealing with the owner direct, and knowledge obtained from four generations of family ownership.


Frank Rewold’s carpentry quality and relationship building character is the foundation of our company.  Since 1918, we have retained a tried and true, people-focused, workmanlike approach.

Let's get building.

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