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Frank Rewold & Sons is always looking for exceptional people to help build great things. We understand that a strong foundation means starting with the right team. If you’re interested in a challenging career and want to work in a dynamic atmosphere click below to email your resume or send a hard copy by mail:


Frank Rewold & Sons, Inc.

Attn: Claudia Rybicki, Human Resource Manager

303 E. Third Street  |  Suite 300  |  Rochester, MI 48307




Be Frank! Our goal is to create the best building experience possible. What do we build? FRS builds buildings, communities, and relationships that stand the test of time. We value quality, people, and hard work. In the way we work, FRS is less canned and more candid ... less corporate and more team ... less contract and more human contact. In the way we play, we celebrate each others achievements and victories together.




#BeFrank: Be open, sincere, or candid in the way you do business.

#EarnIt: Nothing owned. Everything earned.

#BiggerThanBuilding: Develop relationships, build trust, and encourage collaboration.

#MoreContactLessContract: More human, team, and client conscious.

#RemainRooted: Respect the past, be present, and anticipate the future.



Here at FRS, when the work is done, the party begins. Our new office in the heart of downtown Rochester provides space to focus and collaborate freely. We challenge, support, and empower each other to push our best work forward and to engage each other in lifelong learning. FRS has numerous sporting and recreational activities to promote healthy competition and comradery.


Need a break? Employees can take advantage of our fourth floor mezzanine and outdoor deck to enjoy lunch or happy hour overlooking the scenic Paint Creek.

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