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In 1918, Frank Rewold & Sons (FRS) started our building journey as contractor, handyman, and founder Frank Rewold began building, fixing, and renovating for Matilda Dodge Wilson at Meadow Brook Farms, what is now Oakland University. Today, after a century since inception, Frank Rewold & Sons still regularly performs construction services for the university and other surrounding colleges, communities, businesses, and organizations throughout Michigan. It's one of many examples of how our project delivery methods, property management capabilities, and relationships creation skills stand the test of time and continue to exceed client expectations.


Since the conception of construction management, FRS has utilized this collaborative approach that allows for team collaboration and understanding of project expectations. The CM approach and its types and varieties allow for greater control of a cost, schedule, and quality, and increases value. There is a reason why more than 90% of all our construction contracts utilize this delivery methodology.



FRS offers a proactive facilities management approach to perform equipment maintenance on a regular basis to reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs and unexpected outages due to equipment failure. It can also include assessments and capital planning for future years to plan for equipment replacement.

We also offer a wide variety of building,  property, tenant, and financial services to save time,  money, and reduce the stress of owning and managing your facility.


Thorough and accurate preconstruction services is crucial to project success. Our estimating department delivers multiple estimates through various stages of the design process to track cost and scope-creep. To  greater ensure budget accuracy, we perform another estimate when the construction drawings are at 90% completion.

We create significant value with our detailed preconstruction services. Budget estimates, value engineering/analysis, preliminary scheduling, and constructability reviews are a few of the task items we perform that result in substantial risk reduction and cost savings.



Working hand-in-hand with the architect/engineer, the design-build method is delivery system involving a contract between the owner and the D/B team. This promotes collaboration between designers and builders into an alliance that can result in time and cost savings.


In our second century of construction, FRS is very familiar with this traditional model of project delivery. Our approach to the GC delivery system will utilize prequalified subcontractors for the appropriate scopes through a competitive bidding process.

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